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Competent authority
Registration page
Map with restricted zones
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Maximum flight altitude in meters 120120 m <br />

General information

Drone Laws in Europe

EU Drone Regulation

The EU drone regulation generally specifies the following rules[1]:
Liability insurance Labeling obligation Legal minimum age Maximum flight altitude Drone license Security
Private liability insurance usually does not cover drone accidents. Here you need your own drone insurance'. Registration of all drone pilots. Also applies to drones under 249g. This electronic UAS operator ID (eID) must then be visibly attached to the drone (instead of the owner's name and address as before) by means of a drone badge. Minimum age of 16 years. In the presence of an authorized pilot) a drone may be flown even at a younger age. for drones set at 120 meters above ground. Small drone license (EU certificate of competence) is required for all drones.

Exception: inventory drones with a take-off mass of less than 250 grams or classified drones of class C0.

Privacy must be respected - no recording of people without permission (enshrined in state law, not in EU drone law).
Generally, the new regulation mainly prohibits flying beyond visual range. The large drone license (EU Remote Pilot Certificate) is optionally required if drones in the transitional regime between 500 grams to 2kg or certified drones of class C2 want to fly in OPEN A2 in addition to the category OPEN A3. Sufficient (depending on the weight of the device or classes correspondingly large) Safety distance to people

General no-fly zones

Flying over residential properties
Flying over nature reserves
Flying at a lateral distance from airports of less than 1 km

und in Verlängerung der Start- und Landebahn näher als 5km

Flying in Control Zones

Mobile Map Apps


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