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Welcome to "Drone Spots Info"!


Uniform means structure. Uniformity in the design and structure of the website provides not only an aesthetically pleasing look, but also a user-friendly experience.

In order to comply with this principle, it is often helpful to fall back on proven templates and the ideas of other sub-pages. Templates provide a ready-made structure that can serve as a starting point for design. They provide clear guidance on the placement of content, such as headings, text, images and links. This ensures that the information on the page is arranged logically and presented in a way that is easy to understand.

In addition, it is advisable to be inspired by other subsites, to be inspired by successful examples. Successful suggestions, should then find their way into the templates.

Consistency in structure and design helps website visitors find their way around easily and absorb information efficiently.

An overview of all existing templates can be found on the Specialpage.

Template - New Countries

As a starting point you can use the form Formular:Land. Here the essential key data of a country are entered.

  • Whether registration is necessary
  • Whether the drone must be marked
  • Whether you need a drone operator certificate
  • What the general maximum flight altitude is.
  • The national flag of Wiki Commons
  • The responsible authority.
  • And their page for registration
  • And crucially, whether there is an online map with exclusion zones.

The "Countries" category is added automatically.

The next step

Now you have entered the basic data of a new country and it goes to the fine details. Another category should be added to narrow down the region. e.g.: EU for countries within the EU. This is done with


In the next step one creates the unified structure with the help of a template. With the template "NeuesLand" one takes over the structure and is used as follows in the source text:


This copies the content of the template to the new country and you can start with the individual changes. The template is designed for the EU, so the first part may not be relevant and can be deleted. But the structure should remain the same from the idea:

  • General Information - Gives general information about the country or region.
  • Mobile Map Apps - Some countries have more than one mobile app to make the maps mobile.
  • Spots - Is a dynamic area. Once spots are added by a country, they show up there. If the same name as the country appears here.
  • More Links - If there are more helpful pages about this.

Template - Spots

Also here there is a form for the entry. About Formular:Spots are added similar to the country key data. Whether it is allowed or not to fly there. The idea had perhaps already others, but were not sure whether it is allowed.

  • Country - In which country is this place
  • State - If known, you can still narrow down the state to offer spontaneous drone pilots a possibility.
  • The flight altitude allowed there. If flying is prohibited there, please enter 0.
  • Maps - If you enter the name of the place again or the address, the button next to it will calculate the GEO coordinate and add it underneath.
  • Free text - Here you can enter the country again as a category. So e.g.: [[Kategorie:Deutschland]]

Finished are the key data of a new spot.

The next step

For some reason the Visual Editor doesn't work from then on. Only source text possible.

Just as with the country, you should also enter some key data here. With the help of the template {{subst:SpotsInhalt}} you copy the structure into the new entry.

  • General information
    • Whether there is a flight ban there and why. But you can also use the template {{Verboten}} if it is not allowed due to the general drone law.
    • A description of the location and maybe tips from where to launch.
  • Gallery
    • The spot already exists? Then show us your pictures or link to your YouTube video with the command <youtube>Youtube URL</youtube>😊

Semantic data

To make the best use of the data, you should include semantic data on each page. All available attributes can be found here. If you use new attributes, please use them only in English so that other users can use them too.